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The programmes and subjects run by the section include:

  1. Number Work
  2. Letter Work
  3. Sensorial education (it aims at exercising the senses of a child thereby
    provoking auto-education. This subject cut across all other subjects. It
    allows pupils to explore, experiment and discover things for and by
    themselves with the teacher’s guidance. etc.
  4. Practical life. (Helps pupils exercise their muscles and gain confidence
    in handling chores at home and school. It helps pupils acquire good
    habits, and moral values which will prove very useful in later years, Such as buttoning of shirts, shoe lacing, washing of socks, pegging, objects sorting, etc.)
  1. Social Studies
  2. Hand Writing.
  3. Creative Arts. (painting, colour splash etc.)
  4. Nursery rhymes
  5. Health Education
  6. Science
  7. Moral Instructions.
  8. Picture Reading


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