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The primary section of the school started same time as the nursery section.
It was headed then by the head teacher. It was clearly segmented on
13thSeptember, 2010. From then the primary section has soared from
heights to greater heights.


  1. English Studies
  2. Mathematics
  3. Agricultural Science
  4. French Language.
  5. Nigerian Language (Hausa)
  6. Computer Studies
  7. Civic Education
  8. Religious Value Education
  9. Social Studies
  10. Home Economics
  11. Current Affairs
  12. Music
  13. Basic Science
  14. Quantitative Reasoning
  15. Verbal Reasoning
  16. CCA(cultural and creative art)
  17. Dictation
  18. Writing
  19. Hausa Language
  20. Counselling (programme)


In the primary section although our pupils passed entrance examinations to good schools. Our best pupil scored 177/200 (Abiye White), 166/200
(Michael Ben-Ikheoah), 164/200 (Akin Ogunmefun) and 161/200 (Sylvia
Metta). Many others scored from 160 to 120/200. While few scored below
120. But they all got up to the official pass mark. We also recorded four (4)
successes in the highly rated SULEJA ACADEMY, another federal government
school for gifted children.


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