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Mission and Vision


The mission which is birthed from the vision is all about excellent
tuition pursuant and delivery. This can’t be achieved without a team of great
teachers, and strong administration. It seeks to make tuition fees affordable,
while not lowering the international standard of education. The mission
statement reads:

To seek, promote and uphold the highest ideals {learning or teaching and character moulding of children in pursuit of excellent citizens. We would achieve with professional team of committed and friendly teachers. Our mission is also to make it possible for many to enjoy this unique opportunity by keeping the school fees low at affordable cost.


The vision states:

We are driven by the commitment to truly discover and nurture the
intellectual and creative capabilities of our children, cognizant of their cultural affinities in morals, religions, and in psychology with a view
to opening them up to the service of God and man.

The vision can be summed up into the following five (5) points:

  1. The vision is about people, especially the child. It has been proven that one can’t succeed in life if one is not people minded
  2. The vision is about the discovery of the hidden potentials, creativity
    and capabilities of the child. Psychologist have proven via the innate
    factor theory that man is not born an empty slate ‘tabula rasa’
  3. The vision is about aligning morality and cultural diversities into the
    uniqueness of learning.
  4. The vision is about recognizing religious and individual differences of the child.
  5. It is finally about the service to God and Humanity.


The words which form part of heraldic achievements of the school is
encapsulated in these words: “knowledge, Service, Excellence”.

We believe that for one to deliver, right knowledge must be acquired. When
such knowledge is acquired, it should birth service. And the service must be
rendered in an excellent manner. This is because ‘what is worth doing is
worth doing well.’


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