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The School’s Organogram

The Director

The director of the school is Chief (Mr.) Ifeanyi Obi. He is also referred to as the ‘school daddy’ He is a Co-vision bearer of this manifestation. He is in charge in all segments of the school.

Head of Administration.

The head of Administration, is in charge of the administrative cadre of the
school. (S)he heads all the non-teaching staff of the school. The success of the school rest solidly on the administration of the school.The administrative section captures the account department, the ICT, cleaners, drivers etc.

The Principal:

The principal is the head of junior secondary school. He is in charge of allthe
teachers in the secondary school. He oversees to the functionality of ‘the
secondary school and its curriculum.


The Head of Primary/Head Teacher.

The head teacher or head of primary manages the primary section
academics. She sees to the effective teaching and monitoring of activities in
this section.


TheHead of Nursery.

The head of nursery is in charge of the nursery section. The nursery section
is handled by teachers and manned by the head of nursery.


The Teachers.

The teachers or instructors interpret the curriculum and scheme of work.
They passed on through assiduous research what they decipher from the
scheme. A painstaking effort of lesson note writing gives a guide for what is
to be taught.


The Administrative Staff/Non-Teaching Staff.

This segment covers the drivers, store keepers, account personnel, security
officers, the ICT persons, the typist etc.


The Students/Pupils.

The primary and nursery learners are called pupils. They are foundational for the secondary. Whereas in the secondary, we have the learners called the students.

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